DGSSelkirk’s Gigantic RC Tank and Accessory Sale (Fall 2021)

1. All prices are in USD
2. Target Price is equivalent to EBay “Buy it Now”. If you want it before anyone else that is the purchase price
3. Unless otherwise stated, shipping is not included.
4. Offers under Target Price will only be considered AFTER October 15th, 2021.
5. If an item is no longer listed then it has been SOLD!

If you have any interest or questions or to submit an offer, please email Dean at dgsselkirk@gmail.com (communications only in English please).


Rare and Unique Custom Tanks for the Serious Collectors:

D1. Custom Built KV-85 TK80 Clark board RTR with Taigen lower, resin kit upper. Target price: $900

D2. Custom KV-1E TK80 Clark board RTR with Taigen lower, HL upper. Target Price: $650

D5. Custom Heng Long Sherman M4A3 105mm “C4” clark board RTR battle ready. Target Price: $500

D6. Custom built M4A4 75mm Ontario Regiment sherman “ACE” Clark board RTR battle ready. Target Price: $800

D7. Custom built Heng Long Early G1 Jagdpanther 113 clark board RTR battle ready. with zim and FPV installed as well.  Target Price: $900

Other R/C tanks

D9. Mato Full metal StuG with TK80 board RTR battle ready. Target Price: $550

D10. Taigen Full metal T34/85 with TK80 board RTR battle ready. Target Price: $550

D12. Tamiya King Tiger RTR finished in grey with full IR battle set up and radio. Target Price: $550

D16. Torro Panther G Torro electronics RTR with radio. Target Price: $500

D18. Tamiya Leopard 2A6 finished kit RTR battle ready. Missing commanders periscope, and small front indicator light bulbs, and one smoke thrower, This is a very special model with about $1400 U.S. dollars worth of upgrades made including: From AFv Modellbau metal wheels, metal idler adjuster upgrade, metal idlers, metal torsion bar mounts, metal suspension arm mounts, bearings throughout, metal tow ropes, metal wing mirrors, metal indication light frames and guards, metal tow hitch, metal foot step ups, Tamiya battle system with apple, Tamiya GSU (gun stabilization unit) runs beautifully! Set up with FSi6s radio and 10 channel receiver… Target Price $1500

D19. Heng Long stock Jagdpanther with radio. missing accessories package. Target Price $150

Other items

D20. Heng Long PZ. IV turret with Tamiya internals. Target Price: $50

D21A & B. 2 custom painted Russian R/C WPL trucks 6 wheel version and 4 wheel version with proper 3D printed rims and tires. Target Price $200 (both vehicles)

D23. 1/16 17 pdr Anti tank gun on carriage. Target Price $50

D24. DGS TARR clear smoker $40.00. includes shipping anywhere in continental Canada or the U.S.

D26. Vandra Canadian RAM tank kits (Qty 2). Target Price: $200 each

D27. Vandra Jagdpanzer IV l70 kit. Target Price: $125

D28. Set of 10 Dragon 101st airborne and 4 U.S. Rangers D’Day figures. The Cadillac of 1/18 scale figures. Target Price $150

D29. Mato T23 Sherman Turret. Target Price: $50

D57. Heavily customized Heng Long King Tiger. Just upgraded the board to a Clark TK60. Target Price: $900

M1. Rare conversation piece! Metal 1/6 scale section of Maus track! Pen beside it for reference of scale. Target Price: $60

FIGURES! Target Price: $20 each lot, unless otherwise listed.

D31. Verlinden 611 British Infantryman
D32. Dragon 1/16 Warrior Series Obersturmfuhrer
D34. Tamiya 1/16 Tank German Afrika Corps
D35. Tamiya 1/16 Wehrmacht Tank Crewman
D39. 1/16 German tank commanders 2 figures
D40. 1/16 German Winter figure
D41. 1/16 German MG42 Gunner figure
D42. 1/16 German STG 44 figure
D43 5 Heng Long tankers
M3. 1/16 Verlinden 2381 German Tank commander. Target Price: $50

Clark Boards & Tamiya Apples!

D44. TK22 Jagdpanther with receiver and Turnigy radio set up. Works and tested. Target Price: $150

D45. TK40 Jagdpanther with receiver works and tested. Target Price: $95

D46. TK22 Sherman Works and tested. Target Price: $75

D59. Tamiya apples. JUST the apples. I have 1/2 a dozen up for sale. You know how expensive these are… Target price: $50 ea.

Photoetch Sets: ALL 1/16 scale

D48. Aber partially assembled Panther cleaning rods/antenna storage tube
D49. Taigen Panther screen grill covers. Target Price: $10
D50. Taigen T34/85 grill cover Target Price: $10
D53. Voyager Panther Grill set NIB Target Price: $18
D55. Aber Panther Grill set NIB Target Price: $18


E1. Radio shack Sherman collectable. Target Price: $100

E3. 1/16 Heng Long Bulldog. SLU control board. Pot metal gearboxes, aftermarket 380 motors, IR battle ready. Magnetic closure hull. Metal tracks. Metal sprockets and tracks. Target Price: $250

E4. WPL truck 4×4 custom paint with driver Target Price: $100

E5. Heng Long Panther G custom paint, plastic model. Waltherson brass gearboxes, SLU electronics, Target Price: $300

E7. Open box  Heng Long Abrams 6.0 with  metal gearboxes, metal tracks, sprockets, metal idlers, metal arms.  (accessories in the box) Target Price: $300

E8. Bart Simpson Taigen Pantiger! Metal sprockets, idlers, tracks, a must have for any club! 🙂 Target Price $150

E9. WPL 6×6 custom built tow truck. does need assembly! LOL! Target Price: $50

E10. Heng Long Custom Jagdpanther with Zimmeritt. No electronics, pot metal gears, plastic sprockets, idlers and tracks does have aftermarket speaker. Target Price:$150

E11. Pershing with Tamiya lower metal tracks, sprockets, idlers, Heavily modified upper . SLU electronics but sound doesn’t work. Target Price: $300

E13. Heng Long KV1 all plastic. Waltherson 5 to 1 gearboxes with red motors. SLU electronics Target Price: $200

E14. Heng Long StuG all plastic with pot metal gearboxes, HL RX13 board but with DBC 2.0  IR combat board with custom IR receiver. 27 mhz crystal system, no radio. Custom paint job. Target Price $150

E15. Pz. IV Heng Long with steel gearboxes, metal sprockets, idlers, tracks. SLU electronics, magnetic hull closure, Barrel recoil needs work. Target Price $300

E16. Taigen Metal hull StuG metal sprockets, idlers, and road wheels plastic tracks. Clark TK22 electronics. Tamiya clone receiver. No rear latch locking mech Custom recoil, Target Price: $300

E17. Heng Long King Tiger Porsche turret “Anneliese” . Mato 5 to 1 brass gearboxes, SLU electronics, Sticky tac emitter held on. HenTec adjustable idlers. Custom paint job. Target Price: $350

E18. Tamiya Panther G .custom paint job. Aftermarket gearbox add ons 390 motors, and step down speed gears. Customized IR emitter. Tamiya apple Target Price: $750

E19. Heng Long Project Leopard. Metal Sprockets, Idlers, road wheels, swing arms metal. steel gearboxes, Promaxx 400’s for motors. Target Price: $300

E21. Heng Long Pershing board does not power up. . metal gearboxes,  metal sprockets, metal tracks, BB unit. Spare set of springs, Target Price: $150

E22. Tiger Heng Long Lower, Taigen upper , metal turret maker? full metal BB metal barrel. Target Price: $150

E23. Taigen Tiger kit with metal lower, metal turret, sprockets, idlers, wheels, tracks, no electronics. Target Price: $450

E24. Heng Long Tiger project tank. Status unknown. HL electronics with DBC IR unit. Metal sprockets, idlers, tracks. Target Price: $200

E25. Taigen Tiger project kit lower metal sprockets, idlers, tracks road wheels. assorted upper parts as shown. No electronics, Target Price: $300

E28. Tamiya trailer with custom wood decking. Target Price: $100

1/18 Hiya figures Target Price: $10 each. Feel free to make an offer on all.

E30. Commander – 3 available
E31. Rifleman A – 3 available
E32. Rifleman B – 3 available
E33. Assistant gunner – 3 available
E34. Submachine gunner – 3 available
E35..Machine gunner – 3 available

1/18 Joytoy sets

E36 German 3 figure set autumn camo. Target Price: $30
E37. German 3 figure set spring camo. Target Price: $30
E39. German SS officer Target Price: $25

1/18 Other Figures Target Price: $10 each. Feel free to make an offer on all.

E43. Elite force Cpl. Jackson
E44. Elite force Sgt. Steele
E45. Elite force Pvt. Gordon
E46 Elite force Sgt. Carter
E47. Ultimate soldier German Machine gunner
E48. Ultimate soldier MP-44
E50. Seated American GI