KW Garrison’s Reimer Field

On June 19th, the first true Battle-day of 2021, a special event was held. While officially opened in 2017, the KW Garrison’s battlefield had many, many months of planning and labour, shaping it into a ready to use and beautifully detailed tank combat arena!

One of the key people who made this happen is Ed Reimer, aka “Kinspel”. Ed’s unwavering dedication to creating and maintaining the field during it’s maiden years is unmatched.

From creating a screening apparatus to sift rocks from the dirt for making roads safe for RC tank tracks, his masterful agility wielding the whipper-snipper to remove the unwanted vegetation from the field, and the ridiculous labour intensive creation of rows upon rows of scale telephone poles. These are just a couple of the things that Ed has contributed to the KW Garrison.

So on June 19th, in the afternoon of the first full battleday, we were all honoured to christen the KW Garrison Battlefield to the Reimer Field in recognition for his efforts in launching and helping create such a wonderful RC Tank battlefield.

Remier Field

The new sign also immortalizes Ed’s favorite tank, the Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. B, aka the King Tiger. Ed’s “un-killable” King Tiger has IR battled for more years than the German Wehrmacht of World War II.

Ed’s reaction to the yelling of “It was FIXED!”

This was also topped off by the presentation of the 2019-2020 competition award, to which Ed placed so far ahead of everyone else, that there was not even a chance to catch up. Good natured joking of collusion with his RC tanking wife and cat-calls of “FIX!” were laughed at by all, especially Ed himself.

June 19th was a great day for RC Tank battles, and Reimer Field is constantly evolving and improving thanks to dedicated individuals like Edward “Kinspel” Reimer.

A small overview of the Reimer Field

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