Aquino! It was good to be back!

It has been about a week and a half since the Can-Am RC Tank crew were at Aquino Tank Weekend at the Ontario Regimental RCAC Museum. And what a weekend it was… Friday is normally reserved for attendees who have purchased the VIP packages and those whom have special access, such as employees and invited guests of sponsors of the event, such as World of Tanks. This event is the one that most of the RC Tank members look forwards to as this museum boasts over 150 vehicles during Aquino, of which over 100 are operational and several dozen are used in displays and re-enactments during the weekend show.

Friday was the time for setting up the RC Tank battlefield at Aquino. Dean and Derek spent 3 hours trimming the grass to the nubs while the rest of us setup the gazebos and tables that would shelter us from the sun and display all our RC tanks to the attendees of the show.

The battlefield was laid out with buildings, fences, walls, and trees for obstacles and cover. A small bit of effort was required to bury the pyrotechnical control wires for the “destroyed Tiger I” prop.

1/2 way through trimming the battlefield @ Aquino. Cones represent the field borders.
Buildings and terrain features nearly finished. Vehicles and figures to follow!

By the time the field was finished and a couple tanks were “tested” it was time to go back to the Hotel and to dinner. While some members would not show up until Friday evening in Oshawa, those that were able to congregated at the nearly pub and spent the next few hours having food and beverages and enjoying a chance to socialize with each other once again.

Saturday was the day that Aquino is open to the general public. With the current pandemic restrictions, the daily event was limited to 2000 attendees. The museum crushed it by selling out for the day. The removal of the traditional bleacher stands actually worked out very well with the attendance limits as people would be closer to the field where all the live action was. That was not the only thing that was different than the previous Aquino. There were several new additions to the museum’s inventory of functional armoured vehicles. Borden brought a surprise tank as well.

The fully running Jagdpanzer 38 (Sd.Kfz. 138/2), aka. Hetzer. Used during the re-enactments.
One of the three Chieftains in the museum’s inventory. Like historical versions, these ones where not without problems…
A true surprise that was at Aquino, an Italian M14/41 which drove around the track and was on display for attendees. Internally the vehicle is gutted and has a more modern drivetrain.

The day officially ended at 4pm and many of the Can-Am RC Tank crew participated in a barbeque dinner held at the hotel’s outdoor patio area. Hard to believe that even after a full day of RC tanking and enjoying real armour rolling around the fields, that nearing midnight, many of the crew swapped stories and had a great time once again socializing.

Just remember to not Drink and Tank, I mean Drive….

Sunday was the final day of Aquino and while the attendance numbers were not sold out like Saturday, it was still busy for the Can-Am RC Tank Club with many people asking questions about our tanks and where they could find and purchase their own RC tanks. There were a few tanks on display by the Can-Am RC Tank Club. Here is a few images showing a fair number of those tanks that were present.

Nearing the end of the day some of the crew had to leave early due to long travel times home. Some over 4 hours with traffic in the GTA. It was also at this time that some of the other World of Tanks representatives had a chance to come by and play with some of the RC tanks. The Chieftain drove around in a high-speed Sherman, while Cmdr_AF started driving in a Panzer III and progressed up to a Panzer IV. They may even be a video later where the two are battling (which will be posted).

Speaking of World of Tanks, a shoutout to Krzyboop, Domosapien, and Tragicloss as well as those mentioned previously, who came and visited our RC tank field during the show. Can-Am RC Tank Club member Jarlath, enjoyed talking to all of you and appreciated the efforts to get a pair of Aquino shirts signed.

World of Tanks’ Krzyboop (L) and Cmdr_AF (R) displaying the T-Shirts to be launched from “Bobby”, a M24 Chaffee
WoT’s historian, Richard Moran, aka “The Cheiftain” discussing the Italian M14/41 at Aquino.

For those looking for the many of the 300+ images that the author took during Aquino Tank Weekend, you will not find most of them here. They were posted on the forum (which I do suggest you check out and join if you have not already).

Looking forwards to next year!

It was a good turnout for the Can-Am RC Tank Club in the first post-pandemic Aquino Tank Weekend. We will be back again in 2022!

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