2021: So far both a good and bad year…

As the outdoor tanking season draws closer to an end for 2021, it is hard not to think of all the good things that have come about so far this year.

The Good:

  • The Can-Am crew got to FINALLY start larger scale battling again after the COVID pandemic waves. Such a blessing.
  • Edward “Knispel” Reimer was honoured for his years of outstanding efforts to get the KW Battlefield into a premiere area for RC tank combat. Renamed to Reimer Field.
  • The Can-Am crew had a influx of RC Tankers!
  • Reimer Field was expanded and had many aspects of the battlefield overhauled.
  • AQUINO happened! You were missed!

While the bad things are not as numerous… They are still not good in the least…

The Bad:

  • COVID still causing issues
  • Too many of our long time fellow tankers have passed from this mortal battlefield. A memorial wall has been added to the Links as a pulldown menu item or (here).
    • Bud Lancaster
    • Greg Cunningham
    • Edward Reimer

Yes. Life does go on, but those individuals have touched many of the lives of Can-Am crew members. They will not be forgotten and will all be sorely missed.

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